Voters Reject Pleasant Hill Fire Bond

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene will do without funding for its fire department, and so will Pleasant Hill after a bond measure failed 55 percent to 44 percent.

This is the second fire bond residents voted down in the past two years, and some who voted ‘no’ blame poor planning.

The bond measure would have gone to replace the fire station and also some fire trucks, but voters decided not to support that measure in Tuesday night’s May Special Election.

This is the second time the Pleasant Hill Fire District has asked for support from its community. Last time, the measure missed the mark by just 21 votes. This time the margin was 128.

Skeptics had a handful of reasons for not voting the bond through. Many said they didn’t feel enough research was put into what the district needed and how the money would be spent.

Alongside the bond measure, residents voted on three new board members, who they hope can find a successful strategy as to not see funding fail a third time.

“I think we really need to get some community involvement and get some buy-in and get some support because two times is a lot to fail when you’re asking a community this size for money,” said Mark Allen, Fire Board Member.

Those in favor of the measure say it’s undeniable that this station needs a remodel, if not a complete rebuild–and they’re disappointed to find out they’ll have to wait even longer.

Fresh faces on the fire district board will mean a new way of looking at how to get the fire district what it needs while spending the community’s money wisely.

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  1. jason marks says:

    umm yeah, they don’t want to fight fires, they want new digs and new equipement.
    I want a new car and a new house too, but it is not in my budget.
    And I am happy with that.

    Why don’t you try it also?

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