Voters Turn Out for Election

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EUGENE, Ore. — In just a few short hours, the state and nation will get a glimpse of its future as the deadline to cast your vote closes in.

Voters came by bike, by car and even on foot to cast the votes that would determine the leadership and fate of the nation. As to why so late, for many it was more than just too much procrastination.

“I’ve always liked going to the booth, you know, and doing that thing. And it’s Election Day. That’s why,” said Jesse Earhart.

“I’ve just actually always liked the tradition of handing it in person. It just feels funny to mail it in, especially when it’s this important,” said Greg Hughes.

By noon, more than half of the 214,259 registered voters in the county had dropped off their ballots.

“We’re at 63 percent. We’ve received over a 134,000 ballots. So if you compare this to 2008, we’re still lagging behind 2008 at the same time, but we are expecting a high return today, Election Day,” said Cheryl Betschart, Lane County Clerk.

And if you take a look inside, you probably wouldn’t disagree.

Traffic was pretty heavy there, too, in front of the counter and behind.

“In the far room we have our high-speed sorting machine, and what that does is all the ballots are received and given activity,” Betschart said. Another room is used for the opening and pre-inspection process.

No matter where you turned, folks were busy making sure everyone was heard. And no matter how they voted, they agreed it’s important for everyone to have their say.

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