Waiter Training Software Goes Global

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene company just launched a product that’s gone global. It can be found in your favorite neighborhood eatery or big-chain restaurant.

At Lunar Logic in Eugene they specialize in website development with a focus on e-learning, or educational websites, but now they’re trying something new and branching out into the restaurant business.

Waitrainer is Lunar Logic’s newest product. It’s a software program used in restaurants to train the wait staff. It houses all of a restaurant’s information from its menu to policies and procedures. Through Waitrainer, an employee can start their training before their first day of work and even be tested on what they’ve learned.

“The result is that a server that comes into the restaurant after going through Waitrainer; their ticket averages are higher, their able to handle more tables, and that translates to better revenue and higher profits for the restaurant,” said Todd Edman Lunar Logic CEO.

Another goal of the program is to keep employee turnover down.

Waitrainer is already being used in more than 200 restaurants in eight different countries. Some Eugene restaurants are even using the program, including Davis Restaurant and the Downtown Athletic Club.

Lunar Logic plans to take Waitrainer to the next level and implement it in bigger restaurant groups.

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