Waiver Granted from No Child Left Behind

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is the latest on a list of states with a waiver for the No Child Left Behind Act.

The waiver lets the state tailor how it will assess its students and faculty.

The waiver was a product of months of work by more than a 120 different education and community stakeholders from around the state.

The plan laid out in Oregon’s waiver focuses on the educational growth of students and a school’s role in their development as opposed to using only test scores as a gauge on progress.

The flexibility is something the local 4J schools say is a better way to evaluate and improve the system.

“It moves us away from the one size fits all to actually looking at what is happening in that school and making the changes based on the needs of that individual school,” said 4J Superintendent Sheldon Berman.

Berman says the movement from a straightforward test-based accountability system to a growth assessment one will allow them to better see how effective they are at moving students forward.

The waiver is approved for the upcoming school year.

In order to maintain it, the state of Oregon must specifically plan how to evaluate its schools and teachers before the following school year.

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