Walk Plus Bike to School Day

EUGENE, Ore. — Many parents ditched their cars Wednesday and got their kids to school by walking or biking; it’s part of a “Walk Plus Bike to School Day.”

Buena Vista Elementary School was one of 160 Oregon school that took part in the international movement to get more physical activity back into children’s every day lives. The school’s the bike rack was full as students were encouraged to either walk, skate, bike, or carpool to school.

The goal at Buena Vista was to have more than half of the student body participate.

“For a lot of people they didn’t realize that it’s actually faster to walk to school than it is to drive. Mostly because we only have one entrance into our school, so they have to drive around the block as opposed to walking through it, so a lot of families learned that they can get here faster and easier if they just walk or ride,” said parent Pamela Olsen.

Statistics from the Oregon Department of Transportation show that in 1969 about half of all students walked or biked to school. Of all school trips today, fewer than 15 percent are made by walking or biking, one quarter are made on a school bus and more than half of all students get to school in private automobiles.

For participating in “Walk Plus Bike to School Day”, students were given bright colored shoe laces as well as fruit snacks. They also have the opportunity to win prizes, which included helmets and bike locks.

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