Wanted Child Molester Could Be in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — One of the top 15 most wanted fugitives in America could be in Eugene.

U.S. Marshals are looking for known child molester Frederick McClean for seven years. They think he might be in Eugene.

San Diego U.S. Marshals spoke Friday morning at the federal courthouse to let the public know about McClean. He allegedly molested close to 20 children over two decades in San Diego, and investigators hope he hasn’t claimed any new victims in Eugene.

Police charged McClean with numerous counts of molestation in 2004. Shortly after, he fled San Diego. Judging by a letter he sent to his family from this area in 2005, investigors think he’s been living here ever since.

McClean is known for luring in victims through church. In San Diego he belonged to numerous Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations. He would gain trust of the families to get to their kids. Investigators say he’s likely using the same strategies now.

“It’s going to take someone from the public who already knows him, who deals with him on a daily basis, who’s going to recognize him and turn him in. That’s what’s going to close this case,” said Thomas Maranda, San Diego U.S. Marshal.

McClean is an auto mechanic by trade. He used to refurbish old race cars and could be doing that or other handyman-type work.

Investigators consider McClean dangerous, so if you have any information about him, call the U.S. Marshals at 541-465-6701 or the 24-hour hotline at 1-800-336-0102. There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to McClean’s arrest.

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