Wanted Eugene Man Arrested in Springfield

May 20, 2012

By Lauren Mickler

EUGENE, Ore. — Officers say they pulled over Sergio Rodriguez Galvez for a routine traffic stop, and then realized he had warrants out for his arrest on DUII and assault charges.

Once Galvez parked the car, police say he got out and ran.

He ran into a nearby home on the south side of D Street to try to hide, but police say witnesses helped them conclude the search quickly.

“We had him locked down in a matter of seconds and he had nowhere to run, except to a known associate’s house and hide,” said Sgt. Pete Kirkpatrick.

Officers brought out several K-9s but did not have to use them.

They say no one in the community was put in harm’s way.

Police say the people in the home where Galvez hid claimed they barely knew him, but officers say it appeared to be a known associate.

On top of Galvez’s three outstanding warrants, he now faces charges for eluding by foot, reckless driving, and another DUII.

Galvez is currently being held at the Lane County Jail.

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