Warm Temperatures Bring Business

EUGENE, Ore. — Temperatures near 90 degrees in the valley can be too much for some folks, but for others, especially businesses selling cool treats, this weather has been long-awaited.

While Prince Puckler’s on 19th Avenue is open year-round, they said they’re the busiest when the sun is out.

Many businesses in the Hayward Historic District saw an increase in sales during the Olympic Trials that just wrapped, but ice cream parlor Prince Puckler’s said the numbers still weren’t too impressive. They said it was likely because of the rain.

Now that the clouds have parted, workers said more customers are out to play.

“Our business is totally dependent on the weather. If it’s rainy, our business is slow. If it’s nice out, our business is busy. So, it completely depends on it. Parking, if it’s available or not, it doesn’t really affect it or not. It’s all about weather,” said employee Sarah Lindquist.

Employees said being open year-round sometimes meant losing some money during winter months.

They also said the busiest hours are at night. When it cools down, folks flood in for a cold dessert.

Employees said they’re looking forward to the busy warm season and invited everyone to come on through.

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