Warm Temps Could Mean Early Pear Harvest

pear harvestMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Pear Orchard Farm and at several other orchards in the Rogue Valley have seen the fruit trees already start to develop. Fruit trees are in the early stages of development, and at this point they are farther along than they would be on a typical year.

The warm temperatures from early spring kicked off early bloom and budding for fruit trees. According to the OSU Extension Center, some trees have been about two weeks ahead of schedule in overall development.

If the warm weather continues without any late season freezing, farmers will also be preparing for early harvest.

“If anything the above near-record temperatures will push us further ahead than anything. So we plan on picking our Bartletts more like the first of August instead of middle August,” said Medford Pear Orchard Farm Manager John Neilson.

Some other crops like grapes are less affected by the heat in the long run, but depending on summer trends, could have an early harvest as well.

For anyone thinking about getting out in the next few days to do some planting in your garden, the OSU Extension Center says new plants are much more successful being planted in more mild weather.

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