Warm Weather Elevates Wildfire Danger

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — Conditions through the state of Oregon are expected to stay mainly dry for the next several weeks.

There have been five major fires reported so far this year in central and eastern Oregon.

A minor fire that was reported in Douglas County has been low this year.

The trend remains the same from the summer of 2011 though.

“We are trending about normal. We are not having a lot of fire activity, but as you can see over the last couple of weeks we have had the warmer weather. The grasses are real susceptible to fire,” said Brett Nixon of the Douglas Forest Protective Association.

The Douglas Forest Protective Association says one of the main reasons the fire threat has been low this year is because people are heeding the warnings and are acting responsible.

Fire crews hope it remains that way throughout the rest of the wildfire season.

Douglas County is now at a moderate level for wildfires.

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