Warming Centers Open Fifth Day in a Row

EUGENE, Ore. — The recent surge of cold weather is keeping volunteers busy at the Egan Warming Centers, and they may not get a break for a couple more nights.

The warming centers are set to open again Monday night. It’s the fifth day in a row the centers have been open, marking the longest stretch in two years.

The record for consecutive nights is nine in 2008. That was the first year for this program. It’s the second longest stretch is seven days, which was also encountered in that first season.

Program Director Doug Bales says those early cold snaps have forever shaped the program. Volunteers and staff are prepared for the long haul, although they hope it warms up.

“We’re praying it will be our last night, but we’ll make that decision between 4 and 5 this evening and post it on the website and sent out the robo calls to alert volunteers and be back to work,” Bales said.

The Egan Warming Centers are technically just 85 days old.

Program directors say communication and timely activation has gotten more efficient with each day.

Egan doesn’t operate based on freezing temperatures technically, but usually below 30 degrees. It asses each night differently.

Volunteers are always needed. The next orientation is Thursday, Jan. 17 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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