Washington-Jefferson Park Fence Comes Down

EUGENE, Ore. — Washington-Jefferson Park looks like a park again after crews removed the fence that surrounded the property since January.

It’s been more than seven months since Washington-Jefferson Park looked like this.

Occupy Eugene protesters set up camp there last November, and even though they left in December, the city fenced the park to restore it.

Now the fences are down, but Eugene Public Works asks that you don’t go there just yet.

The city took down the fence to give the contractor ample access to the park.

Crews have been planting grass seed, aerating the lawn and doing other maintenance for a few days now, but public works says the park is not ready for people yet.

“We are asking people to stay off the lawn areas in the park so the grass gets a chance to go back. And we have posted that it’s closed for renovation,” said Eugene Public Works spokesman Eric Jones.

There were people out there on the lawn Thursday–maybe because they didn’t notice the signs–but Jones hopes people realize the less foot traffic, the better.

Jones says right now public works estimates the park will be ready to go just after the Fourth of July, leaving plenty of summer days left to picnic and sun bathe there.

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