Water Main Break Impacts Downtown Roads

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EUGENE, Ore. — Repair crews closed westbound 19th Avenue from Oak to High Street early Wednesday morning due to a water main break.

Traffic in this area of downtown Eugene will be impacted Wednesday as crews repair the main and clean-up.

Additional traffic impacts include the closure of the west lane on southbound Pearl Street between 18th and 19th Avenue, as well as the left-hand turn lane on northbound Amazon Parkway. Vehicles are able to turn right from northbound Amazon Parkway onto 19th Avenue. If you’re going to South Eugene High School you may experience some delays there as well.

EWEB says a 70 year old 16 inch cast iron water main broke around midnight on Wednesday.

Witnesses saw water bubbling from the sidewalk and next thing they knew, the ground split open like a sinkhole sending gallons of water into the air and all over the road.

“By the time I looked it just started gesturing from across the road and at that point I didn’t know what to do besides call the police because it just was out of control, everything was flooded at least knee deep in the road,” said witness Matthew Copeland-Wood.

EWEB and Eugene Public Works have been on scene assessing the damage and cleaning up the mess.

EWEB says no customers or fire hydrants in the area are without water service. They estimate repairs and clean-up will continue until late Wednesday afternoon.


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  1. J Laurent says:

    Oh wonderful!! I wonder how much this will raise our rates?! I have often thought about moving out of Eugene because I hate not having a choice of who my water and power come from, I and several others I know believe EWEB is extremely pricey!!!

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