Water Main Break in Corvallis

Photo courtesy of neighbor

Photo courtesy of neighbor Rand Cooper

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Sewage is filling up in some Corvallis basements, after a water main burst in the College Hill neighborhood Thursday.

It happened on Tyler Avenue between 35th and 36th streets.

The city says the storm drain and sanitary system eventually go to the same pipe, and it backed up, causing some sewage to get into basements.

This is the third time within the last eight years that a section of the line has burst, and neighbors aren’t happy.

“Your furniture has to be re-taken out and all cleaned, and I mean all the carpet has to be removed, and I don’t know what they do about the walls,” said neighbor Rose Hart.

The city says it doesn’t know why the line kept breaking.

It has replaced sections of it in the past but will be replacing the entire line starting Monday.

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