Water Pipeline Dedicated in Veneta

VENETA, Ore. — People in Veneta have reason to celebrate, and the reason is clear.

Fresh water from the McKenzie River now flows to each and every household thanks to a new 10-mile pipeline connected to the EWEB system in west Eugene.

“Veneta became an incorporated city in 1962 largely because contaminated groundwater sources had resulted in an outbreak of hepatitis,” said Sandra Larson, Mayor of Veneta.

City employees say that kind of concern ended Thursday, along with a 50-year effort to find a reliable source of clean water.

“Veneta has ensured a reliable healthful source of water for at least 40 years and most likely a 100 or more,” Larson said.

The importance of which even the youngest and smallest residents were strongly aware.

“Why does the community need to provide good clean water? Kennedy? Kennedy — we need clean and safe water so that all of Veneta can have water to drink and clean up….boy — Plus, without water we would all get dehydrated and die (laughter),” Larson said.

City employees say that’s highly unlikely with the new setup.

The deal with EWEB requires the city purchase six million gallons of water a month, which means that 200,000 gallons of water are flowing through these pipes every day That amount of water keeps a 30-foot tank just about full at all times. Not only providing water to this rural community, but creating a shared interest in where it comes from.

“I firmly believe the more we connect people to this spectacular river, to the water we drink on a hot sunny day, to shower with on a cold winter morning makes our local businesses thrive the more empowered we will be to protect,” said John Simpson, EWEB Board President.

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