Water Receding in Corvallis, New Concern is Wind

January 20, 2012

By Holly Menino

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Corvallis residents didn’t get a break from the rain, but they did get a break from the flooding.

As the high waters recede, there’s a new concern many are worried about.

The high water is receding in Corvallis, but not before it did some serious damage.

“I’ve heard about cars getting washed away. It’s scary,” said Corvallis resident Mark Bliss.

Friday morning, a woman drove her car into four feet deep water and had to be rescued from the roof.

In south Corvallis officials closed off streets and even shut down part of Highway 99 for a bit until the water receded.

On Thursday, Conifer Street was covered in water. Cars were submerged and water was coming up to garage doors. Residents did whatever they could to protect their homes and that included surrounding their houses with sandbags.

“They brought lots of sand and then just started working together to keep this house dry,” said Gloria O’Brien.

Residents that were evacuated near Conifer Streets got to go back to their homes.

“The power company called us this morning and let us know that the power’s back on and here we are,” said Heather Newberry.

Now with cleanup in full swing, many are hoping the high water stays away.

“Hoping that we don’t get delusrine within 12 hours of time. Otherwise, we’re going to be right back in the boat we were in,” said Maintenance Supervisor for Corvallis Manor Dan Lower.

Residents on Rosewood Drive are also heading home but not without a warning from county officials.

“We’re strongly advising those folks in that area to get a geo-technical service to come and take a look at their property to make sure the soil is stable before they get there,” said Benton County Public Information Officer Rick Osborn.

The governor declared a state of emergency for several counties including Benton County.

“We expect to be able to receive state resources to assist us in cleaning up and those sorts of activities,” Osborn said.

The worry now is high winds.

The ground is so saturated that many are concerned the wind could topple trees causing power outages.

Corvallis residents are being advised to prepare themselves for potential power outages.

Officials say you should keep five days of food and water on hand.

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