Water Safety Reminders for Warm Weekend

EUGENE, Ore. — The beautiful weekend will likely send a few people racing to the rivers.

Lane County Search and Rescue says the first problem is people will not be checking their equipment.

This is likely the first time since last summer some people are venturing out. Boaters should make sure their motors are tuned up and that they have fresh fuel not what’s left over from last year.

Remember the water is still very cold–in the 40s on the river–and life jackets are very important.

You are required to have a life jacket in your boat for every person that is in your boat.

Children under 13 must be wearing theirs, and Lane County Search and Rescue wants to remind people staffing is still low.

“It’s a high priority on a water rescue, so we will drop whatever we are doing. So we are hoping people by getting the message out there now. So make sure you wear life jackets. You might spend a little more time on a log. You might be going swimming until we can get there,” said Paul Vitus, Lane County Search and Rescue Deputy.

Construction work on the I-5 bridge at the Willamette River is still on-going and this can be a very hazardous area for boaters and rescue crews.

The law does allow you to drink on a boat and have an open container, but watch how much you drink. With the heat up, just one beer could put you over the legal limit.

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