Weather Causing Delays at Eugene Airport

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EUGENE, Ore. — It may be hundreds of miles away, but the winter blast in the Midwest and Northeast is leaving some travelers stranded for days at the Eugene Airport.

Flights in and out of Eugene were mostly on time Tuesday, but its flights in other parts of the country that are causing the delays.

One couple we spoke with is flying to Syracuse, New York.

They say they won’t be able to leave Eugene until Friday because of cancellations.

“I already called my boss,” said Ryan Youngman. “I let him know, like, hey, because I don’t have to be back to work ’til Monday, but just in case, I was like, hey, I might be back Saturday.”

A spokesperson for the Eugene Airport says they’re not preparing for a huge influx of people stranded there.

She says major hubs like Denver and Salt Lake City are more likely to set out cots for travelers who are stuck.

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