Web Extra: Kelly, Buckner, Hart (9/5/12)

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly:

Oregon defensive end DeForest Buckner:

Oregon defensive tackle Isaac Remington:

Oregon defensive tackle Taylor Hart:


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  1. Carol L Kern says:

    I am among 100’0’s of people who are eugene springfield DUCK fans, and watch/support every game the DUCKS play. . We are being told that the next upcoming DUCK’s game on saturday, will not be on TV on the Direct TV or the local area channels. I have noticed that the schedule for your TV station shows that there will be a college football game from 3:30pm to 4:00pm, but there is no teams listed yet. I would like to know if your station will air the DUCK game on Saturday, This is extremely unfair to the local Diuck fans, if this game is not aired locally. We can’t all afford to get on a plane to go see the games. As of now, we are told the game will be on the PAC 12 network.

    1. Jake Zivin says:

      Hi Carol,

      You are right. The game will air only on the PAC-12 Network. As of now, the PAC-12 Network is only carried by cable companies, and not DirecTV or Dish Network.

      Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over whether or not the game is on KEZI. The decisions about what games air on what network are made on a national level, not on the local affiliate level. So, we are bound to whatever game is shown by ABC nationally (which frequently is the Duck game). If it were up to us, we would show the Duck game on KEZI every week, but unfortunately, that’s not how those things work.

      The reasons that the PAC-12 Network is not carried by the satellite companies are complicated, and each side will tell you that its the other one’s fault. If you want to voice your opinion, the PAC-12 would tell you to call DirecTV, and DirecTV would tell you to call/e-mail the PAC-12. I’d suggest doing both. The more that either side hears from complaining customers/fans, the more likely that they will come to an agreement.

      I’m sorry that you’ll be unable to watch the Duck game this weekend. Your best bet is to go to a local sports bar or restaurant, which will certainly be showing the game (or if you can afford it, go to Autzen to watch it in person).

      I know these things are frustrating, and like I said, I wish we had the ability to show the game, and then everybody in Eugene/Springfield could watch!

      Take care,

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