Website Scams Veneta Woman

VENETA, Ore. — A Veneta woman thought she was getting a great deal on a birthday present for her kids. Instead, she got scammed.

The mom saw the posting on Craigslist for a brand-new play structure. When she contacted the vendor, he told her to pay with a prepaid card. So she picked one up and used it to buy the set. The $400 playground never came.

“What’s most disappointing is this is my children’s birthday gifts. So now we have to come up with that money to buy them another play structure. So I just really hope that since I probably won’t get my money back, I hope this will help keep other people from having the same thing happen,” said Holly Lang.

The mom says she called the Better Business Bureau and found out the company is a known scam.


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  1. Postone says:

    You are supposed to call the Better bureau first…

  2. uh-huh says:

    Postone should be cut from the comments…this individual is a negative person with nothing good to say about anything. especially KEZI. all you do is complain and make nasty comments. The glass can be half-full if you just change your paradigm. I actually kinda feel sorry for you. got nothing better to do but be bitter…

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