Wedding Ring Found at Springfield DMV

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A local woman is trying to track down the rightful owner of a wedding ring found at the Springfield DMV Wednesday.

Joy says she’s not going to give up looking for the owner because a wedding ring holds more than just a monetary value. It represents cherished memories and is a memento that’s difficult to replace.

“I knew that it would be very valuable to any married person, that they would want their ring back,” Joy said.

It’s a symbol of love that joy hopes she can return to its rightful owner.

“She’s a very sweet person, and I’d really like for her to have her ring back,” Joy said.

On Wednesday it was a busy day at the DMV in Springfield. Joy says she was sitting and waiting for her number to be called, but was thinking about coming back at a different time.

“Then the young lady came over that was sitting at the front of the row and she gave me her ticket,” Joy said.

Joy says it was a kind gesture as it moved her closer to the front of the line. But just moments after the woman left, she realized there was something in the seat where the woman had been sitting.

“A young man came in to sit in her seat and he said ‘oh my goodness there’s a wedding band here!’ And I said ‘oh I know who that is’ and he handed it to me and I ran over to the door to see if I could catch her before she left the parking lot,” Joy said.

Now Joy is on a quest, determined to return the favor and a prized possession.

“I would be very worried because it has a lot of meaning to me. I would be very frantic. I would be very upset,” Joy said.

You may have noticed that we altered the image of the ring. The true owner of the ring will have to describe it to Joy. The owner can call our newsroom at 541-485-5394 to find out how to contact her. She says she has also placed a found ad in the local newspaper.

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