West Bank Path Renovation Starts Monday

EUGENE, Ore. — Work starts Monday, August 27 to repave about a half-mile stretch of the West Bank River Path in west Eugene.

Eugene’s public works department will use money from a designated 2008 bond measure to update the asphalt section between the Greenway Bridge and Stephens Drive, off River Road.

“As you go down the path, there are sections that are badly deteriorated, root heaved, so in those areas we’ll be smoothing the area and laying concrete…The concrete is a smooth, safe surface. It’s also a lot easier for long-term maintenance,” said Eric Jones, City of Eugene Public Works Spokesman.

Crews will also widen the path a few feet to make it about 12 feet wide, matching the rest of the river path.

The repairs will continue for about eight weeks. The city has suggested detours for bicycles and pedestrians during that time. Click here for the list.

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