Wet Second Half of the Weekend

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The next storm system is just off the coast. Showers will start Saturday night and not stop until Tuesday night. There will be some sun breaks in between the showers which may causes some thunderstorms in the Cascades. The storm system will bring in cooler air as well and drop temperatures into the low 60s along the coast and near 70 inland.

Sunny, dry and hot weather will move in Wednesday afternoon as an Omega Block develops. This Omega Block will put us right under an upper level high, which means mostly clear skies and fair weather. High temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s along the coast and mid to upper 80s inland.

Have a super Sunday!
Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn

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  1. Vetzero says:

    I never heard of an ‘Omega Block’ before.

    That’s a ‘first’. for me. Sounds like some kinda ‘sunscreen’.

    Another area of the country I moved out of, Oklahoma, is getting one of those parked over them (again) and for them, it’s all summer long…hot, stifling, constant, miserable.

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