Wet Weather Affects Street Construction

EUGENE, Ore. — The soggy weather the last few days delayed a few construction projects around town, but it hasn’t slowed down construction on Pearl Street.

Construction crews poured concrete for one lane of the street Wednesday. Concrete construction projects like this don’t need completely dry weather, so crews haven’t been slowed.

But around town, on Warren Street and Acorn Park, it’s a different story at sites where crews are using asphalt.

“We do need to wait for a dry window there. So we do need to hold off on that work for about a week now, and we have our fingers crossed that maybe Thursday, Friday we can get in and do that asphalt work, which is very weather dependent,” said Eric Jones, Eugene Public Works Spokesman.

It takes about seven to 10 days for concrete to dry, so Eugene Public Works expects one lane of Pearl Street to be open by Friday.

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