Wet Weather Creates Leaf Debris

EUGENE, Ore. — Monday night’s wet weather felt more like winter than fall. It’s the most rainfall we’ve seen in the Eugene metro area since the snow storm back in March.

It was downpoured for hours, causing some localized flooding.

In some parts of Eugene, it rained more than one and half inches Monday.

Eugene Public Works crews say they were tracking the storm before it came and were prepared, so there was no reported damage or problems. Now crews are warning residents about clearing leaves from the streets.

“They build up against the curb and then you get a big rain that washes them down into a catch basin and it doesn’t take many leaves to block the catch basin, and then you start having ponding and localized flooding,” said Public Works spokesperson Eric Jones.

Those leaves are already coming down and residents must take care of the debris themselves. City leaf collection doesn’t start for another month, on Nov. 13.

Public works crews say if all else fails to give them a call and they will send a crew out to look at the problem.

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