Wetland Restoration Taking Longer

EUGENE, Ore. — Not far away from the controlled burn in West Eugene, another restoration process was underway Tuesday.

Crews were still out in the West Eugene wetlands, cleaning and restoring the area after the Bureau of Land Management cleared illegal campers out of the area. That was weeks ago.

Crews have been cleaning up and taking down much of the overgrown vegetation, a much bigger task than they originally realized.

“There was more trash on site than we expected; so, it took longer to clean up and the restoration is taking longer because there’s more biomass, more trees per acre than we assumed out there to meet our prescription to thin that and also we found more trash and we’re calling the contractor back in,” said Chuck Fairchild, BLM Field Manager.

The completion date, originally set for the end of August, has been extended twice. Crews hope to have the area open for the public in time for National Public Lands Day on September 28.

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