What Not to Bring to the Olympic Trials

EUGENE, Ore. — Security will be extremely tight over the next week and a half near Hayward Field.

Spectators are not allowed to bring food or any type of drink or glass objects inside the area. Plastic water bottles are okay if they are 1.5 liters or less. Water will be free throughout Hayward Field and TrackTown 12. However, rain is in the forecast over the next several days.

The umbrellas will have to stay at home.

“Umbrellas need to be left at home. Remember you just cannot bring them into Hayward Field or TrackTown USA. Ponchos and hats are okay,” said TrackTown 12 Project Manager Becky Radliff. No video cameras are allowed in Hayward Field or the TrackTown Fan Fest.

For a full list of what not to bring, click here.

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