When Does The Valley Sun Return?

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Justin’s Tuesday Night Forecast Discussion: 

The below freezing nights keep stacking up with a super-strong ridge of high pressure dominating the Northwest and that’ll keep on keeping on for tonight. Another night of patchy valley fog will fill in late tonight and with lows expected to get into the upper 20s again, be on the lookout for another round of freezing fog at your morning commute.

The ridge is exceptionally strong for this time of year so anything that tries to get through, a la storms, get split into two or just outright blown to pieces. What that means for us is multiple days of foggy starts in the valley, but partly sunny to mostly sunny finishes by the afternoon. Tomorrow will again hold the fog into the early afternoon because of the light surface winds, but outside the valley (mountains and coast) will see ample sunshine. Highs still cool though, in the mid 30s in the foggy valley, upper 40s at the coast, 20s to 30s in the mountains.

The inversion is still very strong in the valley (remember, that’s the warmer air that sealing a lid on the colder air trapped at the surface) so air pollutants will be increased again for Wednesday. You can check out the expected Air Quality Index or AQI each day here: LRAPA

By Friday and the weekend, the high should be have moved on land, switching to a more southerly wind. Hopefully, that should be enough to scoop out the cold, dirty air and replace it with a bit of a warmer and certainly sunnier couple of afternoons.

Have a great Wednesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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