Where’s Waldo? He’s Hiding in Downtown Corvallis Stores

CORVALLIS, Ore. — We’ve read the books and played “Where’s Waldo,” but now a local bookstore is helping children and their families play it in real life.

Grass Roots Books and Music in downtown Corvallis is hosting the local “Find Waldo” event this month.

The goal is to find as many mini Waldo’s as you can hidden in participating businesses all over downtown Corvallis in order to win all sorts of prizes.

Waldo turns 25 this year.  To celebrate, his publisher teamed up with bookstores across the country for the month-long “Find Waldo” scavenger hunt.

“He’s so well known and the books themselves I think are really interactive,” said Events and Marketing Coordinator Pamela Moeller with Grass Roots Books & Music.

Sixteen downtown Corvallis retailers have strategically hid the six inch Waldo cutouts around their stores.

However, as many know from the books, even with the red and white striped shirt and hat, he’s not always the easiest to find.

“It is a secret, I don’t know where he is, he could be anywhere,” said Many Hands Trading Co-Owner Lily Wilson.

Managers say it’s been a pretty fun experience watching kids on the hunt.

“It’s adorable, because you just see them walking around trying to find him, and they actually haven’t needed to have any help yet which is kind of surprising,” said New Morning Bakery Co-Owner Keara Gann.

It’s not just about fun and games.  The scavenger hunt encourages people to visit local businesses, and so far has worked.

“It brings people downtown to your local businesses, bringing kids in, maybe stores people wouldn’t go into normally so it sort of exposing them,” Moeller said.

The hunt for that famous fellow in the black-rimmed specs also is aimed at teaching kids that reading is fun.

“Get kids used to reading a book and searching through the pages, so a lot of fun,” said Mara Burke.

Prizes range from a button to gift certificate, and a grand prize of a complete six-volume set of Waldo books.

So, where’s Waldo? Well, that’s for you to find out.

If you want to try to find Waldo, just stop by Grass Roots in downtown Corvallis any day of the week to pick up a list of the participating businesses.

For more information on how the scavenger hunt works, click here.

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