Whilamut Passage Bridge Opens

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Drivers traveling near the I-5 Franklin Boulevard interchange can expect some delays.

Thursday night, ODOT contractors will switch northbound I-5 traffic to the new northbound lanes of the Whilamut Passage Bridge.

Workers are also reopening the northbound Franklin off-ramp after a closure that lasted two years.

There will also be a temporary speed reduction for the southbound lanes of the new bridge. The 50 mile-per-hour limit will be in place until mid-September.


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  1. Matt says:

    As you cross the bridge, if you look quickly to the side you can experience a 0.5 second viewing of the million bucks worth of stainless steel art work placed between the bridge spans.

  2. R. Tist says:

    The cost of the piece — Oregon artist Lillian Pitt’s “River” — was less than 1/4 of what Matt alleges. The price of all three pieces which will be visible to bridge drivers is way less than
    $1 million. A percentage of the expenditure on the Whilamut Passage Bridge, and any structure like it (as, for instance, in Elkton) must be spent on artistic enhancement. I do agree with Matt that the beauty and significance of “River” will go unseen due to their being no safe place from which to look at it.

  3. bluezzy says:

    seems like we should be watching where we are going.

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