Whiteaker Bar Gets Cleaned Up

EUGENE, Ore. — Word on the street is that The Tiny Tavern’s owners in the Whiteaker neighborhood are working to clean up its image.

The building has been around since 1895 and was turned into the Tiny Tavern decades later.

Longtime residents say it just isn’t what it once was. They’re happy to see that things could be changing for the better soon.

Locals said The Tiny Tavern definitely has a lot of history. The original owners turned an old farmhouse into a local hot spot for close to 40 years.

“They made homemade chili. They had a fireplace. It was the neighborhood nucleus,” said Vic, Whiteaker Historian.

These days, the reviews aren’t so kind for the once reigning watering hole.

“The Tiny Tavern definitely has the reputation of being the all day, all night bar. There’s always people there and it’s a little sketchy to walk by there, especially with kids,” said resident Hannah O’Laughlin.

“It’s kind of an eyesore right now,” said resident Zoe Gadsby.

But the owners hope to change all that by cleaning things up inside and out. And the work isn’t going unnoticed.

“All those things he’s doing. He’s doing good things right now. We’re all pretty happy to see someone put some effort into it, some positive energy. I think we’re all looking forward to things kind of changing up a little bit,” resident Devona Culver.

Neighbors are excited for the future.

“I think people would be stoked to come down here and have a beer at Tiny’s and not be scared to go to Tiny’s like they are now,” Gadsby said.

They say it’s not just good for the business but the whole neighborhood.

“I hope that as he starts working on small things like that, like beautifying the sides and beautifying the neighborhood, people will take more responsibility about how they treat the environment around them and how they behave around each other,” said resident Matt Allhands.

Everyone is hopeful that this will open the door to greater success for all.

The owners said a lot of the past complaints are about things they can’t control, like vagrants in the nearby park. He says they’ve been dealing with the situation the best they can and will always do so.


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  1. J.Guske says:

    John Whiteaker, Oregon’s first State Governor, is the man who “the Whit” is named after. He had slaves and was pro-slavery which in those days was common especially here in Oregon. The reason the cross on Skinners Butte was removed in 1997 (as most locals like me know) is really because of it’s original origin, the KKK. Lane county served as home to many KKK members throughout the early beginnings of the State. Wooden Crosses were burnt atop the Butte for decades as a way of scaring off unwanted non-whites riding the rails into the area. Blacks who did reside here weren’t allowed to live on the south side of the Willamette river far into the 1950’s! They had to live in tents under the Ferry street bridge on the north side in what is now Alton Baker Park.
    Whiteaker is plagued with drug users, detox facilities, alleys filled with dirty needles, diseased homeless degenerates, speed freaks who break into cars and rob businesses! If you want your car keyed and your things stolen head down to Sam Bonds or Ninkasi. Try a sandwich at Papas Soul Food while a Heroin addict shoots up in the bathroom. The residents in “the Whit” hate outsiders and often mob against those with unfamiliar faces. The EPD Riot squad work most weekends in “the Whit’ so if getting your head cracked open is a good time for you come on down to “the Whit” and slum it up!

  2. craig says:

    I bike through whitaker daily never ever had an issue with anyone. Doesnt matter if it 0500 or after last call never had an issue even the people that are not all there are always cool. msybe a little loud but not violent. Beautifull houses awesime trees too bad its in eugene

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