Whiteaker Residents Clean Up Community

6-8 whiteaker cleanupEUGENE, Ore. — Community members in Eugene’s Whiteaker put on their best superhero outfits Sunday to clean up their neighborhood. Kids and adults split into groups and received cleaning routes.

The volunteers worked to clear garbage off the streets and get rid of unwanted items left behind in local alley ways. “We go through the alley ways, we get old couches, mattresses that are old and have been sitting around all winter. We find up to 200 needles usually every year and we have sharps containers that we dispose of that properly,” said Wayde Love, Whiteaker resident.

This is the 9th time the group has put on the Great Whiteaker Clean Up. Organizers said they started this event to bring community members together to have a bit of fun, while improving their neighborhood.

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