WHO Calls for E-Cigarette Regulations

E-cigarettes(CNN) — E-cigarettes were marketed as the answer to the foul results of tobacco smoke.

But the World Health Organization now suggests the vapors from e-cigarettes increase the levels of toxins in the air, including nicotine.

The agency is calling for standardized regulations to prevent advertisers and the industry from making unproved health claims for e-cigs.

The e-cigarette industry has grown to about $3 billion per year.

Source: KARE


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  1. JB says:

    Yah, i’m not a big fan of cigarette smoke. I think it was a great thing when laws were passed to ban it in the work place, or any public place for that matter. I support the E-Cig industry and it’s users. I live in a neighborhood filled with smokers, I can’t go into my own backyard without smelling the stench of foul stale cigarette smoke. If everyone smoked e-cigs what’s the worst you would have to deal with the fresh scent of strawberry or cherry. I’ll take that any day.

  2. john doe says:

    LMAO the smoke that the World Health Organization blows out their rear end adds more toxins in the air than any other chemical. Give me a break. They would just freak if they saw all the black smoke clouds that come from public transportation.

  3. ahshucks says:

    All this is are Libbers’s picking on something new that they can regulate. The E-Cig is a much improved method for smokers. Democrats please stop being commies.

  4. electronic cigarette says:

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