Whoville Campers at Federal Building

JRI HOMELESS PICEUGENE, Ore. — Homeless campers are back at the old federal building plaza after a week-long cleaning closure.

A camper said the majority of those who are camping at the old federal building are members of Whoville. Back on April 1, the Eugene Police Department shut down the Whoville camp at Broadway and Hilyard.

One camper says about 50 members of Whoville are “hiding out in the woods, moving daily so they don’t get tickets.”

A spokeswoman for the federal building says it cost more than $7,000 to clean up the plaza a week or so ago because a HazMat crew had to be called in due to the unsanitary condition of the plaza.

Campers say they’ve chosen to go back there because they aren’t getting cited or kicked out.

“Safe Haven–that’s what I am calling it ’cause I am safe right here. I can’t get a ticket at nighttime. It is a lot better here. I think it is going to help form Whoville be a stronger thing,” said Whoville homeless camper Nathan Showers.

Since the plaza was reopened on April 9, the Federal Protection Services (FPS) says it has issued three citations for urinating and defecating in public, possession of marijuana and trespassing.

FPS officers have also issued multiple warnings for possession of and being under the influence of alcohol.

One of the campers said the Eugene Mission has a waiting list, but the Eugene Mission says it has a total of 104 open beds–63 men’s beds, six women’s beds, and 35 moms and kids beds. Iit sometimes uses a lottery system when it gets full, but the director said there hasn’t been a lottery in weeks.

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  1. Lani says:

    Whoville bums can stuff it. Most homeless people I see are drug users or drunks. They are not people who want to work, not people who want to be told not to drink at Eugene MIssion, not people who want to live a working lifestyle.

    Their lifestyle choice is their own, but I refuse to support it with my money. You camp illegally, you get a ticket. That is how it works. Your choice, your ticket. Homeless people do not deserve special privileges. They should have to follow the law like every other citizen. Too many people with the same problems hold a job everyday, why should Eugene encourage bad behavior for the entitled shiftless?

    Time for this to end. Eugene should adopt a no passing of money to people on the the street as Roseburg has to discourage drug money passing directly to addicts who beg.

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