Whoville Campers React to Fight at Camp

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police plan to re-evaluate safety at the “Whoville”  homeless camp after a fight lands one man behind bars.

The fight happened on Friday night. “Whoville” spokesperson Tzedakah Bateliyah says she was in her tent when she started hearing people screaming, “knife, knife, call 911.”

Eugene police says when officers arrived they found a camper detaining Robert Wright.

Police say some of the campers became offended by Wright’s swastika tattoo and attempted to kick him out of the camp. That’s when the fight began.

EPD says Wright nicked a man’s hand with a screwdriver and kicked him in the chest.

Bateliyah tells KEZI 9 News the weapon used was a knife and about 12 officers came out to the camp.

Wright was booked on harassment, disorderly conduct and interfering with police.

“We all came to the rescue of our leader,” said camper Auora Richardson. ” We called the police and tried to take care of it.”

“We just want to continue to ask that we be treated like any neighborhood,” said Bateliyah. “If there’s a problem with one person at a tent, we treat the tent like a house. Deal with the person and don’t make that a label across all of “Whoville”.

Members of the homeless camp say they don’t want people to be afraid to come out to the camp because of incidents like this.


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  1. Starfruit Bongwater says:

    For a village based on human rights they sure know how to violate them. No due process, we don’t like your tattoo, your out of here.

    1. That OneGuy says:

      *You’re out of here.

  2. no way jose says:

    Sure Starfruit… The guy was a totally peaceful nazi who never caused any trouble and just happened to also fight with the police and try to stab someone when asked to leave. The bars downtown…the university district…and neighborhood across Eugene have violence, fights, and police calls all the time… The “news” and EPD aren’t going to shut down the who town…or the businesses…because of violent idiots. But Whoville….well…they must have created the problem…better shut em down.
    p.s. Don’t drink the kool-aid…or the bongwater.

  3. WHYville?? says:

    Now the true colors of the colorful squatters have emerged. They don’t want anyone to judge them but its ok for them to judge each other, detaining and evicting each other without a due process, something they demanded the city not to do to them. ….yea I think this was another reason why this situation needs to be eliminated. They cannot continue to take our cities open space hostage, it is against OUR right to an open and safe space in Eugene. The only thing wrong IS whoville. Why? They violate the laws openly, drinking (waste of begging money) and having firepits, this is not safe and NOT allowed per city code. Do like they do in San Francisco, make all the tents move at least twice a week so the city can clean the space and remove the blight. It could still allow a very temporary space without pacifying folks who refuse to move. I don’t care what each persons story is, NO ONE DOES. We all have our own problems and its up to the individual to fix their problems. As it is seen by the rest of the population you are an eyesore, a safety threat and a symbol of absolute laziness . All because our city leaders are too afraid of hurting the excessively liberal voting population. The only thing positive about this camp is its proof to the college kids that they need to stay in school and crack is whack.

  4. concerned says:

    @WHYville… Couldn’t have been said any better.

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