Whoville Close To Finding New Site

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EUGENE, Ore. — You may recall the anonymous $400,000 donation for Whoville campers. Now an elected board of homeless advocates and residents are getting real close to finding a site.

Representatives say it will be called the Nightingale Health Sanctuary and will meet certain requirements.

It will have easy access to Whitebird Clinic, the Dining Room, the library, LTD and other downtown services. It’s also wheelchair accessible and has access to a portable toilet and garbage services. It’s on one acre or more and has water, sewer and electric services.

On-site residents will run the facility with board oversight. The board has visited a dozen potential properties and there is one that is a real possibility but they won’t disclose where it is.

Here’s what we do know. The location is in Eugene, near downtown, and provides easy access to services and LTD. It’s within the $400,000 budget and the owner is very sympathetic to the homeless.

Residents say they will live in tents on tent platforms and there will be a cooking area and a community gathering area. Then it will slowly transition into the long-term vision that the anonymous donor hopes to see.

“Her long-term goal was to have a site that would have a midweek drop-in medical clinic. They would have a drop-in sleep place where people who are unhoused would show up and sign in. Then when they wake up in the morning they will go about their day,” says David Strahan with Whoville Logistics.

All residents and visitors will have to sign in and follow a set of rules. Before moving into a site they will notify the neighboring community.

The camp won’t cost taxpayers any money. After the donation runs out, they hope to fund the site through donations.

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  1. sam says:

    Looks like a pre F.E.M.A. camp.

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