Whoville Celebrates Christmas

EUGENE, Ore. — TheĀ “Whoville” homeless camp celebrated Christmas, with not one — but three trees at its camp site.

“Whoville” members say their largest tree was donated by a school after it used it for a play.

Another came from Eugene police and a third was donated by a local family.

“Whoville” members say it makes them feel a part of the community.

“It means everything to us, just to be respected and know that we’re treated as part of the community it’s a great feeling,” said Aurora Richardson, “Whoville” spokeswoman.

“Whoville” members decorated the trees themselves, complete with a variety of ornaments.


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  1. musicman60 says:

    it should since you bums are getting everything for free and we have to pay for our liveing hope you like stealing because thats what you are doing

  2. db says:

    Leeches on society! Kick these people out and clean up that eye sore! Quit bowing down to these people, who need to clean up and start applying for work. I guess you dont have to do that when your food stamp card gets filled up every month with my tax dollars.

  3. Aurora Richardson says:

    thank you for the visit and the lovely article, sarah & kezi — happy holidays.

  4. WHOCARESville says:

    But what will become of the who’s xmas trees? Will they be burned in the illegal firepits on the next sudden freeze?? When the police find out which Who’s bartered ornaments for booze they will most surely lose..Was the time spent on decorating these trees as productive as a job, or was it just an excuse to continue laying around like a slob?? Did the Who’s sing without care about all of this flair? Like bumps on logs they laid around like hogs, waiting for uncle sam and his government ham. But I heard a police officer say as he drove a rejected camper off site, “you’re ruining christmas for all, I hope this site burns down tonight.”

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