Whoville Works to Stay Dry

EUGENE, Ore. — Although they’re outside, the homeless campers at Whoville worked to stay dry from the rain, Monday.

Campers say with the rain coming down and the season changing, it’s motivating them to up the effort to find a safe place to sleep even more.

Many have gathered in a covered area to stay dry while others are staying in their tents. Still on the corner of Broadway Avenue and Hilyard Street, they say winter’s coming and they’re prepared.

“Whoville is wet right now; as you can see, most tents are double tarped. We’ve got a kitchen area that has a tarped area, so people can get out of the rain; but with the rain that’s been blowing, it comes down every 45 minutes we have to put it back up,” said Tinman.

Campers say they expect the next three months to be very wet and they’re hoping the city acts fast on the pilot project.


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  1. Don Hildenbrand says:

    This unexpected storm just give some urgency to protect our fellow citizens who for whatever reason find themselves down on their luck. Homelessness can happen to anyone anytime. Many people are only a paycheck away from being on the street, medical bills can devastate budgets, companies can ship jobs overseas or lay off workers at anytime. Showing some compassion and a helping hand seems reasonable in these uncertain economic times.

  2. jason marks says:

    “Whoville Works to Stay Dry”

    Wow, first time anyone in that camp worked to do anything.

    Keep that up and you might have to go to work everyday and pay rent for a place to call home.

    Couldn’t have that! Work and all…..

    Yeah, tax payers owe you… I get it.

    You don’t.

    1. Kay says:

      Don’t be a jerk. Some of them have jobs, others are disabled. They pay taxes as much as you do.

      1. jason marks says:

        we have already gone thru that statement of yours a DOZEN times.

        PLEASE LIST HOW and WHERE these people pay CITY TAXES… they don’t.
        We all know that, but you keep blathering the same ignorant statements…. week after week.

      2. don jones says:

        The “disabled” potheads and drug users who think marijuana is “medicine”

        yeah, we know……………….

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