Copper Thieves to Blame for Phone Outage

DEXTER, Ore. — CenturyLink says copper thieves were to blame for an extensive phone outage in the Dexter area. Phone service has been out since Sunday morning and crews are still working to fix the problem and get service restored by midnight, Sunday.

A CenturyLink spokesperson says 600 feet of cable was cut in a ravine and it’s affecting 250 to 300 customers.

The Central Lane 911 Communications Center wants people to know what to do in case of emergency.

Residents with the 937 phone prefix can respond to the Dexter Fire Department at 82781 Barbre Rd. and the emergency will be relayed to the appropriate public safety agency.

Those who are able to use a cell phone, should call 911 directly to report emergencies. CenturyLink is the provider and as of Sunday afternoon, they say repairs efforts are underway.

CenturyLink says if there is anyone near phone cables without a safety vest, hard hat or official CenturyLink gear, witnesses should call police.

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  1. david nelson says:

    Just one month later and her I am again without a phone.

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