Widow Speaks After Tasing Death

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SUBLIMITY, Ore. — A couple’s vacation was cut short after a man’s wife said her husband suffered from a manic attack, which led to his arrest. The next day, while she thought her husband, Greg Price, was still in custody, police officers showed up at her home to tell her that her husband died.

“I could never imagine this happening, what’s really bad is going on vacation and never bringing your husband home,” said Laurel Price, Greg Price’s wife.

She described her husband as an avid fisherman. The couple was on a fishing trip at Diamond Lake when her husband had a bipolar episode.

“We tried to tell them that he was bipolar and had a manic attack and he needed to go into the hospital because he had been into the hospitals before and they know how to take care of it,” said Price.

But instead of going to the hospital, police took him to jail for reckless driving. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said it released him, but that’s when he started jumping on cars, so officers tased him. “Some police officers showed up at the door and informed me that Greg had passed away,” said Price. She believes the taser caused his heart to stop.

She said Greg served for four years in the marines. “He was military, all military. He watched military movies, programs on TV, he talked military, he was definitely military. He would definitely feel very honored,” said Price.

That honor, being buried in the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said it hasn’t received the autopsy results yet, but Price said her husband did have a heart condition.

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