“Wild Thing” Finishes Game for the Ducks

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By Jake Zivin
EUGENE, Ore. — Jimmie Sherfy is a stereotypical closer.

“We all have heart attacks in the dugout, but he gets it done,” said Oregon outfield Aaron Jones.

He has long blond hair, a flair for the dramatic, and of course, skills.

“[He has] filthy stuff,” said Oregon head coach George Horton.

It’s rarely a 1-2-3 inning with Sherfy on the mound, but it’s also rarely a blown save.

“I don’t like the situations I get myself in, but I like how I get out of them,” said Sherfy.

One of the hardest things to do in sports is block out previous mistakes. Sherfy has an exception ability to do just that.

“Right when I [tell myself], ‘just trust all the work that I’ve put in’, and stop thinking then that’s when I’m at my best,” said Sherfy.

“His ability to get to the next pitch with confidence is unparalleled,” said Horton.

His stats are impressive. 16 saves this season – best in the PAC-12. A 13.7 strikeout per nine inning ratio – best in the country.

It’s such a contrast from last season, when Sherfy was literally the worst pitcher on the staff. He had just two appearances, and an ERA of 33.75.

“He was like a little toddler that wasn’t potty trained,” said Horton.
Horton said the difference has been plain old effort. He called Sherfy the hardest working pitcher on the staff this season.

“It’s not like I deserve the season I’m having right now, but I have so much confidence because of all the work I put in,” said Sherfy.

It’s a confidence that the Ducks plan to ride all the way to Omaha.

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