Wildfire Smoke Causes Hazy Skies

8-4 HAZESPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Lane County residents might notice a bit of a haze in the sky because of wildfires burning in southern Oregon and even northern California.

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) says most people don’t need to worry. Air quality is still in the good range, even though the smoke is causing a bit of a haze in the sky. It says air quality will change throughout the day, depending on the winds.

“At night time there’ll be the drainage winds, so it’ll be a little bit clearer. It’s probably worse in the mornings and early afternoons. We are hoping that there’ll be more winds throughout the rest of the week to clear out the pollution,” said Jo Niehaus, LRAPA public affairs manager.

LRAPA says if the air quality deteriorates, it will let the public know.

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