Wildfire Sparks at Cooper Creek

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Fire crews responded to a natural-cover fire near Cooper Creek Reservoir Saturday.

Crews say the fire was reported around 3 p.m. when smoke was seen rising from one of the coves on the south shore of the reservoir. Firefighters say 1.5 acres of grass, brush and tress before they were able stopped the blaze.

“With the fire being on the south shore of the reservoir, access was more difficult than normal,” said Kyle Reed, Douglas Forrest Protection Association Fire Prevention Specialist. “Initially, firefighters and their equipment had to be shuttled across the reservoir in a boat. Eventually, a logging road near the fire was located and made access easier for firefighters.”

The DFPA responded to the fire with four engines, a bull dozer, a helicopter and an observation aircraft. The Fair Oaks Fire Department, the Oakland Fire Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the fire.

Firefighters remained on scene until 8 p.m. mopping up hot spots and improving containment lines.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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