Wildfire Update, Aug 23rd

EUGENE, Ore. — The Butte Fire, near Windigo Butte, remained within containment lines Wednesday. The fire has burned 142 acres and considered 85% contained. Isolated smokes was visible as unburned vegetation within containment lines burns.

Wednesday night temperatures dropped below freezing (32 degrees) and the relative humidity increased. Fire fighters took advantage of the cooler weather and aggressively worked to strengthen the fire lines. Fire hoses were installed and charged with water around the entire fire perimeter to cool down hot spots.

Approximately 12 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail remains closed from Miller Mountain to Cowhorn Mountain. For more information about the PCT closure, click here.

The Barry Point Fire, near Lakeview, has burned 93,701 acres and was 70% contained as of Thursday morning. Fire Crews continued to patrol and extinguish the fire line, as well as cut back hazardous trees and snags along the perimeter.

Residents continue to see smoke from the unburned fuel within the Barry Point fire. Forest closures remain in place for the Modoc National Forest and the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

The Waterfalls 2 fire, near Harvey Lake, has burned 8,464 acres and was 7% contained early Thursday. Fire crews were able to establish 1500 feet of hand-line on Wednesday, reinforcing 1000 feet of the line with hoses, nozzles, and pumps.

Ridge-top winds today are predicted to blow from the west at 10-20 mph with gusts of 20-30 mph.

“The wind makes me nervous,” said Fire Behavior Analyst Tom Jones. “With all the dead, down, and bug-killed trees just downwind of the fire, a single spot fire could negate much of the good work our crews have accomplished.”

Many trails are closed due to the wildfire, including the Pacific Crest Trail between the Breitenbush Trail and Road 4220-130.

  • Lodgepole Trail #706
  • Fish Lake Trail #717
  • Potato Butte Trail #719A
  • Red Lake Trail #719
  • Gibson Lake Trail #708
  • Horseshoe Lake Trail #712
  • Ruddy Hill Trail #714

For more information on these wildfires and the other wildfires in Oregon, click here.

Photo courtesy of R. Barbosa from InciWeb.org

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