Wildlife Center Needs Food Donations

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Chintimini Wildlife Center in Corvallis took in a record amount of animals this year, but more animals means more mouths to feed.

So far this year, the Chintimini Wildlife Center has taken in more than 700 animals, about 160 more than this time last year.

“They need to be rehabilitated. They need lots of food to become healthy and get back into the wild, and all the sudden we don’t have enough food,” said Animal Care Technician Nicole Kryger with Chintimini Wildlife Center.

The needs are widespread–fruit, cat and dog food, bird seed and mice. What the wildlife center is really lacking though is fish.

“There was just one day where we didn’t have mice, we didn’t have chicks, we didn’t have fish, and it was like oh my gosh, what are we going to feed all of these animals,” said Education Bird Program Director Kris Downing with Chintimini Wildlife Center.

“By Monday we were left with one fish head, so literally in a couple of days time we had gone through 50 pounds of fish,” Kryger said.

That’s because they’ve recently taken in several fish-eating animals, including green heron, raccoons and three river otters.

In all, they eat about ten pounds of fish a day.

“It just gets to be volume, and we want to feed our animals nutritional, good, healthy animals that they need so they can grow up healthy,” Downing said.

Things are especially challenging during summer.

“This is what we call the busy season. We have lots of baby birds that come in. We have a nursery that we put all of the baby birds in, and you don’t run into that in the winter,” Kryger said.

Since they sent out a plea for help, the center has received plenty of donations including fish, but they say there’s always a need for more, including volunteers.

Chintimini volunteers say the best way to help is by donating money, so they can go out and buy whatever they need at the time to care for the animals.

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