Willamalane Bond Looks to Future

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — This election year, Springfield voters have made parks and recreation a priority. The Willamalane Bond Measure passed Tuesday night with about 53 percent of the votes.

“I would just like to say thank you to our community. Thank you to their support of Willamalane and looking to the future,” said Bob Keefer, Willamalane Superintendent.

Springfield parks and trails will get $20 million over the next two decades.

It’s not decided yet how many projects this bond will fund, but so far Willamalane has highlighted 10 priority projects in its plan. They include things like renovating parks and developing new ones to upgrading facilities and preserving natural habitat.

Managers plan to make acquisitions within the next year, then begin building projects within the next two years.

“We’ll sit down as a team and our board and determine which projects are ripe and ready to do right away and the next time that will take some time over the next few years. It takes planning to complete ball fields, to build fields, to acquire property,” Keefer said.

Willamalane surveyed 2,000 residents, asking them what they want to see done. That information will be gathered and the board of directors will hold open public meetings to evaluate the projects.

So what will this cost tax payers? Well, an owner of a home worth $124,000 will pay $42 a year.

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