Willamalane Hosts World Cup Watch Party

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The World Cup truly lived up to its name. The game captured the world’s attention including in Springfield.

Sunday was the first time Willamalane hosted a watch party for the World Cup. About fifty people decked out in their best soccer gear watched the game on a big screen projector at Willamalane.

It was pretty quiet at the watch party throughout the game as Germany and Argentina were tied at zero for most of the game. But in the end, when Germany defeated Argentina by one goal, many of the Argentina fans walked away looking defeated. Many fans said they were disappointed with the outcome. Other soccer fans said they weren’t cheering on one team or another, they were just there to watch some soccer.

“Just I like watching the games that have an even amount of play and scoring factor whether it be more goals or less goals,” said John Crane, Springfield resident.

While some came to watch the game, other said they came just for the fun atmosphere and to eat food from the food carts.

Soccer fans said it was fun seeing the excitement around the World Cup this month and they’re hoping the momentum behind soccer will continue in four years when the World Cup returns.

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