Willamette H.S. Unveils American Flag

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EUGENE, Ore. — All eyes were focused on the rafters at Willamette High School Tuesday night, as the school lowered a massive American flag.

Slowly and proudly, the school, for the first time, revealed a grand version of Old Glory. Once lowered, it hung just feet from floor.

The idea came from a group of parents that wanted to show school spirit in a big way.

Willamette High School Principal Peter Burrows says the school chose to unveil the flag on 9/11 to remember the victims who died in the attacks.

“We chose this day because of its significance. It’s a day when all of us are thinking about September 11th, the victims of September 11th and it’s significance to us as we, as we carry forward from that day on,” Burrows said.

The school will lower the flag before all indoor sporting events.

Bi-Mart and Oregon Community Credit Union donated the flag.

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