Willamette High School Graduation Moved Indoors

EUGENE, Ore. — Willamette High School’s graduation was moved indoors for the first time since 2008.

The class of 2012 packed the gym for graduation ceremonies on Friday evening.

Bethel administrators made the decision to move graduation indoors on Wednesday.

The decision was made when heavy rain and cooler temperatures showed up in the forecast.

Willamette students were asked to narrow down their list of invites to six people.

The district opened up the Powers Auditorium on campus for a live video stream.

Those who attended said everything turned out just fine.

“It kinda sucks, but at least we aren’t in the rain,” said Willamette graduate Kyle Justice.

“I had good seating, but the only thing I wish was you could hardly hear. The acoustics were bad,” said Sue Robinson.

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