Willamette Pass Season Ends

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WILLAMETTE PASS, Ore. — A spring storm whipped through the Cascades Saturday night bringing fresh powder for the final day of the season for the Willamette Pass Ski Park.

Skiers and snowboarders made their way up to Willamette Pass Sunday for the final day of the ski season. Fans of the snow got one final taste of winter.

“This is my first time up all season, and the last I guess, so it’s kind of disappointing,” said Lauren Hines, Corvallis resident.

“The skiing was great, the terrain was great, good coverage. So it’s hard to watch it come to an end,” said Michael Wilkin, Corvallis resident.

A bittersweet day for avid skiers and snowboarders, it felt like an early exit off the mountain.

“We had a great year, it was a little short. It seemed like we got going middle of December and it’s already April and it just seems like it’s over so quick,” said owner Tim Wiper.

But thankfully for snow lovers, the season’s final day had ideal conditions with nearly a foot of fresh flakes.

“It’s a great day to finish up the winter season,” said one skier.

“Love it, love it, tons of powder and now the sun’s out,” said another skier.

“It’s just sunny and beautiful and soft snow. It’s awesome today,” said another skier.

Those who made it up to the pass Sunday wanted to take advantage every last bit of the slopes before summer.

“We want to have a good time on our last weekend possible, so definitely enjoying it out here,” one skier said.

While the snow season for this year may be coming to an end, the fresh powder has skiers and snowboarders already looking forward to next year.

It was another good season at Willamette Pass; but for now, snow fans will have to hang up their gear.

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